Best Dressage Saddle Pads

Best Dressage Saddle Pads

looking for the best dressage saddle pads? here are the top 5 best dressage saddle pads. You don’t need to be a professional rider to have a horse. But you should have a saddle that gives you the appearance of a rider. But appearance is not everything you want when you are on the back of a horse. That’s why you need a dressage saddle. A dressage saddle is a deep seat with cut straight flaps. The special design allows you in a position closest to the horse. It gives you more stability, which is the main thing you want no matter whether you are an evening rider or not.

Now, like most horse riders, if you like less bulk between the horseback and the saddle to feel the leg aid and the saddle properly, you should choose the dressage saddle pads. Unlike the other saddle pads, the best dressage saddle pads won’t only make your appearance better, but they will also keep in check both the horse’s and user’s comfort. It can alleviate the pressure evenly so that the skin or hair doesn’t get any harm on the back of your horse. Here are the 5 best dressage saddle pads given below with all specifications. Check them out, to get a more proper idea.

Top 5 Best Dressage Saddle Pads

Derby Originals Premium Dressage English Saddle Pads

Best Dressage Saddle Pads

This premium All Purpose and Dressage saddle pad with pockets is designed to be ideal for trail riding. You can store foods, drinks, leads, first aid kits, and more in the two 8x8x1.5” pockets featured with the pads. These English saddle pads will be helpful for basic schooling and horseback riding lessons. But along with that, you can use them in most riding disciplines such as hunting, jumping, cross country, and eventing. You’ll get a unique half fleece lining and padded quilted design with saddle pads so that you can give comfort to your horse.

You can also prevent slippage, sore spots, and rubs/irritation with this design for comfortable riding all day long. These pads with pockets come in various colors, such as Black, Navy Blue, Brilliant Blue, Hunter Green, Plum Purple, White, and Reflective Black. It will increase visibility and safety out in the field. You can have premium saddle pads in two different styles. With the measurement of 24×20” and 24×23”, the All-Purpose pads are perfect for AP and close contact saddles measures.


  • Available in two styles.
  • Available in six color options.
  • Comfortable for horses.
  • Suitable for trail riding.
  • The build quality is good.


  • The length is a little short
  • The saddle pad is not very thick.

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LeMieux ProSport Dressage Square Suede Saddle Pad

Best Dressage Saddle Pads

The LeMieux ProSport Dressage saddle pads are exceptionally soft & light. You’ll have a similar feel as a blend of cashmere & silk with these pads. The pads are entirely breathable. These are cool to wear with natural wicking. You won’t have to worry about the microbes because of the antimicrobial aspect. The deodorizing will keep you fresh on longer days. It is so durable that it is often described as having the strength of steel.

But the softness of cotton gives you the most comfortable feeling. Being incredibly hygroscopic, the pads can control sweat by absorbing more moisture than pure cotton & polyester fibers. In addition to its simplicity, it is effortless to wash. Besides that, it also dries faster than the standard lining fabrics.


  • The saddle pad is exceptionally light.
  • It is breathable.
  • The pad dries faster.
  • It is easy to wash.
  • The pad is comfortable for horses.


  • Absorbs too much sweat.
  • Size is short.

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ECP Correction Dressage Saddle Pad

5 Best Dressage Saddle Pads

The ECP correction dressage pad lets you compensate for any changes you want to make on your horse’s back, as the pad allows you to customize the pad according to your need on the horse. Not only that, the correction system will put you closer to the horse to give the best stability possible. All in all, you can call it one of the best dressage saddle pads easily. The diamond quilts look great on the pads. More importantly, it has 4 pockets on it. Two pockets are in the front, and the other two are in the back. The pockets have 3 memory shims.

These will give a better fit and placement by relieving the pressure points. The saddle pad is suitable for various purposes. You don’t need to be a professional rider to have it. No matter if you are an evening rider or a casual one, the pad will serve you the same. No matter how highly equipped a product is, with the comfort, it will be useless. So the ECP gives you the best comfort for you and the horse. You’ll feel the cotton correction is made while keeping your horse in mind.

The pockets have a velcro closure so that you can insert supplies in them securely.


  • Comes with velcro closure pockets.
  • Good quality build material.
  • It is customizable.
  • This pad comes with diamond quilts.
  • Available in 8 colors.


  • No memory foam included.
  • The spine length is short.

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Weatherbeeta Prime Dressage Saddle Pad

Best Dressage Saddle Pads

The saddle pad of durable cotton and the PVC-covered girth patch gives it extra durability. All in all, the pad becomes as strong as your horse. The pad comes with moisture-wicking technology. The easy wick lining helps your horse to stay cool, dry, and comfortable. Moreover, the breathable mesh spine allows the pad to have extra airflow. It makes the pad super comfortable, along with being super strong. After all that, you and your horse need some extra space in particular areas. The high wither design allows you to have that space wherever it is needed.


  • It ensures moisture-wicking.
  • The saddle pad is breathable.
  • Comes with a high wither.
  • The material is comfortable.
  • PVC-covered girth patch.


  • Small saddle straps.
  • Velcro straps can be bigger.

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Derby Originals Shaped Wither Relief Dressage English Saddle Pad

Best Dressage Saddle Pads

The derby Original Shaped English Saddle Pad is specially made to give the horses the best comfort. This shaped dressage pad can prevent rub with a half fleece lining. Plus, the fleece lining is designed to stop any wither and shoulder sores. It is one of the main reasons that the pad is considered among the best dressage saddle pads. The micro diamond quilted design is not only for a great look. The pad is multilayered so that it can absorb the shocks. That allows the rider and the horse both a better comforting ride.

The saddle pad can accommodate any size of dressage staples thanks to the 23-inch spine and the 23-inch drop length. It is suitable for all subtle styles too. This saddle pad features a high-grade cotton construction. Plush fleece and reinforced stitching make it extra durable and strong. You can have this premium dressage saddle pad in the best two colors possible. It is available in a clean white and crisp black, and now you can choose the preferred one to suit your style.


  • Build quality is excellent
  • Available in two classic colors
  • It fits perfectly
  • Shock-absorbing design
  • Multilayered design


  • Hard to work while adjusting girth
  • It can seem too big for some people

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Can you use an all-purpose saddle with a dressage pad?

You may not want to use an all-purpose saddle with a dressage pad. It will not fit properly under the dressage pad. That’s why you should be careful about the swaddle before buying the pad.

Do all dressage saddles have knee pads?

You won’t get knee pads with all dressage saddle pads.

Will a dressage pad fit the western saddle?

A dressage saddle will fit the western saddle.

Do you have to use a dressage saddle pad under a dressage saddle?

You should use a dressage saddle pad under a dressage saddle.


Traditionally the riders like to use white saddle pads on their horse. But nowadays, the best dressage saddle pads are available in a wide range of colors. So you can choose the color that goes with your choice. You need to remember the color can be a choice, but the quality is not. Go for the pad that takes care of the comfort and safety of your horse.

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