Best Saddle Bags For Horses

Best Saddle Bags For Horses

For trail ridings, we need to carry several things with us. And, for this purpose, saddlebags can be an excellent idea. You can use a saddle bag to store a first aid kit, water bottles, or other necessary things that you will need on the trail ride. Some saddle bags are mainly designed so that you can easily attach and detach them from your saddle. Generally, most saddlebags are designed to fit western saddles; still, you will find some saddlebags that are suitable for English saddles as well.

The saddlebags are very useful as they are durable, spacious, and comfortable to use. Both online and offline, there you will find several options for horse saddlebags. So, it may be a bit confusing for you to choose the best one. In this article, we will provide a list of top horse saddlebags so that you can choose the best for your trail riding.

TrailMax Large Overnighter Saddlebags

Best Saddle Bags For Horses


The TRailMax Large Overnighter saddlebag is one of the best leather saddlebags for horses. His saddlebag serves almost everything that you need. This saddlebag system includes saddlebags and horn bags. Both the horn bag and the saddlebag come with removable foam liners that let you easily attach and detach it. Moreover, with this saddlebag, you will get several color options such as hunter green, orange, brown, camo, black, etc. So, you can choose any color according to your preference. 

Superior Quality Materials

This saddle bag is made with superior quality materials that maintain the overall quality of this product. It is made with double-stitched, 600-denier PVC-coated poly that is able to resist weather and UV. These saddlebags also include heavy-duty no. 10 zippers that ensure proper closure every time and keep your essentials safe while riding. The best part, you can machine wash this saddlebag, and before washing, you just need to remove the liners.

Compression straps

This saddle pad comes with compression straps that help to keep the cargo in the cantle bag and prevents it from shifting. You also can use the compression straps individually to secure a bedroll. The unique system of this saddle bag ensures the saddle strings with double grommets on every side. It also secures the front rigging with quick-releasing attachment straps.

Heavy carrying capacity

The TrailMax saddlebag has a heavy carrying capacity. It perfectly can balance more weight on every ride. Still, we recommend that if you load extra weight on one side of your saddlebag, make sure to hang something heavier on the other side for even weight distribution.

This saddle bag is made with the original TrailMax design by the Outfitters supply. You don’t have to worry about the quality as it passes through the field test to perfectly meet the customers’ needs. Moreover, this saddle bag is perfect for overnight camping adventures as well.

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Cashel Medium Rear Saddlebag

Best Saddle Bags For Horses


Cashel Medium Rear Saddlebag is considered one of the best saddlebags available in the market. This saddlebag comes with padded outer pockets on both sides. It also includes a small pocket where you can carry phones for easy access. The contoured shape of this saddle bag fits close to the cantle. Here you will get two color options, black and brown. so you can choose any as per your choice.

Durable construction

It is considered one of the most durable saddlebags for its excellent construction. With this saddlebag, you will get the liner on both sides, and the liner is made of high-quality plastic. So, undoubtedly the liner quality is excellent. High-quality and lightweight materials are used to make this saddlebag and these materials ensure the longevity of this product.

Contoured shape

This Cashel rear saddle bag comes in a contoured shape. Due to the contoured shape, you can easily fit this saddlebag close to the cantle. Thereby, the saddlebag will fit more securely. It ensures better looking also. This medium rear saddlebag also includes two compartments that have a detachable and washable liner.

Overall we can say, at the price point, this saddle bag will be an excellent choice for your horse. And the weight is only 15.2 ounces. So, your horse will not face more difficulty to carry your essentials on trail riding.

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Western Horse Saddle Carrier Cover Storage Travel Bag

Best Saddle Bags For Horses


Most of riders consider the Western Horse saddle carrier cover storage travel bag as one of the best lightweight saddlebags for horses. This saddlebag is 38 inches long and 33 inches wide which is perfectly suitable for medium to large saddles. Moreover, this saddle bag is enormous enough that it can get easily fit on a 17 inches saddle. The black color adds a premium look to your horse also. The best part, you can use this saddle bag for ortho-flex saddles. This saddlebag is nice and carries heavy weight perfectly. It also can prevent mold. Still, we recommend you place this saddle bag in a warm and dry place to keep its longevity. This saddle bag entirely covers your saddle and protects it from dust and prevents it from getting banged around during transport.

Durable interior design

This saddle bag includes a roomy padded western saddle carrying case. And, the internal part of this saddle bag is made with a black nylon liner and 420D water-resistant poly nylon shell. Also, it is padded with a 300-gram polyfill that ensures the high quality of this saddlebag.

Fully enclosure

With this saddlebag, you will get the advantage of the full enclosure. The heavy-duty zippers ensure the enclosure is full. You can open all the zippers around for full access. It also lets you easily load and unload your essentials in the saddlebag.

Adjustable shoulder strap

If you frequently go trail riding this saddle bag will be a great deal for you. On top of this saddlebag, you will find adjustable shoulder straps along with two carrying handles. The adjustable strap lets you carry the saddle easily. Moreover, the clip situated on the bottom prevents the flaps from flapping while you walk.

Overall this saddle bag is fantastic. The sturdy construction of this product makes it last for long years. So, by a one-time investment, this saddlebag will deliver its advantages for a longer time.

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TrailMax Leather Pommel Pocket Horse Saddle Bag

Best Saddle Bags


The TrailMax Leather Pommel pocket horse saddlebag is considered one of the best leather saddlebags for horses. The size of this saddle bag is suitable enough to carry your essentials. Even you can easily carry your smartphone in this saddlebag. The look is quite simple yet attractive. For the construction mainly, you will surely be highly satisfied with this TrailMax leather saddlebag.

Premium Construction

This saddle bag is constructed with premium quality leather that complements your saddle. Also, you will get the advantage of leather straps that let you easily carry this saddlebag.

Compact Size

The TrailMax leather saddlebag is available in a compact size. You can conveniently fit this little bag in front of the pommel. You conveniently can use this saddlebag with most western saddles. Moreover, due to the compact size, you will get easy access to the trail.

Excellent design and tested

It is made with an original authentic Trailmax design by the Outfitters supply. As this product is tested in Montana, buyers don’t have to compromise with the quality ever. Hence, this saddle bag is ideal for professional trail riding with fantastic craftsmanship and performance.

If you are looking for a lightweight saddle for your horse, then it will be an excellent deal for you. The superb construction makes it durable for long years. Also, the brass hardware makes it timeless.

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Cashel Quality Deluxe Small Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag

Best Saddle Bags For Horses


For most of riders, the Cashew Quality Deluxe’s saddlebag is highly reliable for its excellent quality. This saddlebag is meant to be used with western saddles. But, you can’t use it for English saddles. The color is also very sober that will give your saddle a royal look. This saddle bag easily fits over the horn.

Padded pockets

The Cashel Deluxe saddle horn bag comes with two padded pockets that are suitable enough to carry your important stuff. You can carry your smartphone or water bottle easily during your trail riding. Moreover, there you will find a convenient mesh trash compartment.

Quick clip buckles

Here, you will get the advantage of quick clip buckles. Also, the hook-and-loop straps let you conveniently attach the saddlebag around the pommel. But the only drawback with this saddlebag is the straps are too small. So, for large saddles, you may face a bit of difficulty to tie down the straps.

Durable construction

The construction of this saddle bag is relatively stable. It is made of high-quality materials. So, for daily riding or trail riding purposes, you surely can go for this Cashel Deluxe Saddle Pommel horn bag.

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TrailMax Medium Horse Pommel Bags for Trail Riding Saddle

Best Saddle Bags For Horses


If you are looking for a saddle bag for overnight trips and long trail rides, the TrailMax medium horse trail riding saddle bag will be the best choice for you. This saddlebag is designed and tested in Montana. This saddlebag is affordable also.

Excellent fit

This saddle bag fits most of the western saddle horns. With this saddlebag, you will not face any issues regarding shifting or flapping. You can conveniently use this saddle bag for shorter day rides as well.

Secure velcro straps

With this saddlebag, you will get the convenience of secure velcro straps that surely wrap around the pommel. You can use this saddlebag for both western and endurance saddles. Moreover, the loops on the underside let you tie down each of the bags with saddle strings.

Premium Construction

When it’s to construction, there is nothing to worry about. It is made with premium quality materials. This saddle pad is constructed with double-stitched, 600-denier weather-resistant nylon along with heavy-duty zippers. All of the wear points of this saddle pad are reinforced with heavy-duty webbing. So, you don’t have to compromise the quality of this product.

Machine Washable

The cleanup procedure of this saddle bag is very easy as it can be washed in the washing machine. Before starting the washing procedure, make sure to remove the liners.

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Final Words

Saddlebags are a fantastic addition for every trail rider. Both newbie riders and experienced riders can use it conveniently. Saddlebags are useful whether you are going for a long trail ride or a short ride. Here, we have mentioned our best picks, and these have everything that a rider needs. The above-mentioned saddlebags are not only long-lasting but also provide sufficient storage for the riders’ essentials. So, don’t delay and grab your best saddlebag for an enjoyable trail ride.

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