Best Saddle Pad For Barrel Racing

best saddle pad for barrel racing

Looking for the best saddle pad for barrel racing? then here are the complete details of the top 5 best saddle pad for barrel racing with buying guides. Barrel racing is a very well-known thing. This is a rodeo event where horse and rider together have to complete the cloverleaf pattern around the barrels for the first time. Not only boys but many women also do this competition. This game is basically for the youth level. Many professionals include in this game. This game is a combination of the horse’s athletic ability and the rider’s horsemanship skill, where you also need to take care of the safety and complete the journey. Below is the quick list of the top 5 best Saddle pad for barrel racing.

5 Best Saddle Pad For Barrel Racing

Toklat T3 Matrix Shim w/Felt Western Saddle PadView On Amazon
Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad 1" Made in USAView On Amazon
Weaver Leather Synergy Contoured Performance Saddle PadView On Amazon
The Montana 100% Extra Fine Wool Saddle Pad by SouthwesternView On Amazon
Southwestern Equine Silverado 1" Grey Contoured Saddle Pad 100% WoolView On Amazon


Best Saddle Pad For Barrel Racing

Here you get some best product, which can help you to get the best one which can fulfill your requirements. Those are discussing below:


Toklat T3 Matrix Shim w/Felt Western Saddle Pad

This is one type of best saddle pad for barrel racing, which is having all in one pad, and this pad is protect with T3 Ortho-Impact. This pad has extra protection like a cushion, and it also absorbs 90% energy, and it transferred that energy from horse to rider. It also allows the rider for asymmetrical muscle development. It also builds muscles front and back as per the requirement.

Toklat T3 Matrix Shim w/Felt Western Saddle Pad
  • Foam Material: Made from soft urethane foam for comfort and cushioning.
  • Low Arch Design: Provides support for low arches and flat feet.
  • Flexible Construction: Allows movement and flexibility for all-day wear.
  • Western Style: Features a classic western saddle shape.
  • Unisex Fit: Designed to fit both men and women.

Southwestern Equine OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad

best saddle pad for barrel racing

This is a very affordable saddle, so it is suggested that before you go to buy the expensive one, you can check this one. This saddle is perfect for those horses who have saddle rubs on wither. This is even best for young horses who have underdeveloped muscles. It consists of under horn protection, which is great for team roping. Poron-XRD allows 90% absorbs from shock.

OrthoRide Correction Saddle Pad Western Saddle Pads - Made in USA
  • ✓ SOLVE SADDLE FIT PROBLEMS - Before you buy another expensive saddle.
  • ✓ YOUNG HORSES with under developed shoulder muscles.
  • ✓ SHOCK ABSORBTION - under horn PROTECT YOUR HORSE.Great for Team Roping, Barrel Racing and so much more.
  • ✓ PORON-RXD under the saddle bars ABSORBS up to 90% OF SHOCK.

Weaver Leather Saddle Pad

best saddle pad for barrel racing

This type of saddle pad is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits the horse’s back. It has a contoured shape, which can reduce the saddle roll so that it can provide a more natural fit. It has 100% new Zealand wool top, which proves that this type of saddle made with the best quality.

Weaver Leather unisex adult Orthapedic Synergy Contoured EVA Sport Foam Saddle Pad Orthopedic Felt...
  • Saddle pad is designed to conform to and fit the Contour of your horse's back
  • Contoured shape reduces saddle roll and provides a better, more natural fit
  • Impact-absorbing EVA Sport foam shapes to your horse's back and is ventilated for breathability
  • 100% new Zealand wool top
  • EVA Sport foam insert returns to it's original shape after each Use

The Montana Saddle Pad

best saddle pad for barrel racing

This saddle made with natural wool, and it is made in the USA. It stays like a snug on your horse’s back. It has absorbed and drawing effect where it removes sweat and superior the cooling properties. This saddle pad naturally regulates body temperature and also removes excess heat and moisture from the body. It makes horses stay calm.

The Montana 100% Extra Fine Wool Saddle Pad by Southwestern 3/4" or 1" Thick and Designer Wear...
  • ALL WOOL - All Natural Wool Saddle Pad - Made in USA
  • CONFORMING PROPERTIES - Wool Stays Snug on your horse’s back
  • ABSORB and DRAWING EFFECTS -Wicks Away Sweat Fast, Superior Cooling Properties
  • TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT - Superior cooling properties that naturally assists regulation of body temperature....
  • CHOICES - Thickenss: 3/4" and 1" inch - Length: 32", 30", and 27" - Wear Leather: Natural Leather, or Designer...

Southwestern Equine Saddle Pad

best saddle pad for barrel racing

The last one in this top 5 best saddle pad for barrel racing from Southwestern Equine. This is a very thick saddle. It made with real top gran wear leather, which makes sure that this saddle goes for more. This saddle helps to relieve the pressure from the gullet. This contoured in designed in such a way that it makes a slight dip in horse’s back, and that will be prominent.

Southwestern Equine Silverado 1" Grey Contoured Saddle Pad 100% Wool Saddle Pads Western
  • SIZE - 32" x 32" and 1" Thickness
  • TOP GRAIN WEAR LEATHERS - Ensures that the sides of your pad will last 3x's as long
  • 100% GREY WOOL - Saddle Pad 1" Thick
  • WITHER CUT OUT - Helps relieve the pressure from the gullet of your saddle
  • CONTOURED - Contour is designed for the horse that has a slight dip in their back or those with more prominent...

What Do You Need For Barrel Racing?

If you want to do proper barrel racing, then what do you need for barrel racing? Well, here is the list where you can get clear information.


This is very important that you must have properly fitted barrel-racing saddle. This will help the rider to get the proper position like “sit deep” and “sit out,” though you are in a hurry. The saddle also must have a smaller horn, which can help the rider’s body to get the position. Many saddle makers produce barrel saddles at different prices.

Equine leg protection:

You must put to boots on your horse leg so that it can protect your horse from injury. There are many different types of boot, which does a specific job. Different parts of the leg have different hoof. This type of equipment comes in different colors and patterns like support boots, bell boots, etc.

Selecting a proper bit:

There are different kinds of bits, which fulfill the different requirements in the horse’s body. Every bit will not be perfect for all rider and horses. Before you select the bit, you must refer to some specific bitting requirements. Rider must know to control the bit; he must even notice that your horse also understands your new cues.

What Is The Best Breed Of Horse For Barrel Racing

Now you must know what is the best breed of horse for barrel racing for better understanding. These are the below list where you can get the information of breed.



This breed originated in Germany, which is the fifth-largest breed. These brees are 6% of the warmblood population, and they played a major role in international showjumping. Their body is perfect for a long-distance jump. The height range around 16 to 17 hands and these color can be gray, black, bay, etc. According to the World breeding Federation, this breed is the number one breed for jumping.

Dutch Warmblood:

These are very versatile horses and also best for competition in international Jumping. In Netherland, in the time of the nineteenth century, two organizations bred was in a war. The result was Dutch Warmblood was faster, and it was having more stamina. Their sizes are around 16 hands with different colors like bay, black, gray, chestnut, etc. They are competitive, and they have the desire to learn.


These types of breeds are well known to easy train, quick learning, strong, etc. They are the best jumpers, and this breed inception was in 1735. They are very sensible, bold, and intelligent. Theses are ideal for riders who want to teach horses. Normally, they come in brown, black, gray, chestnut, and bay colors. Usually, they are very long, and it comes around 16.5 hands. Their neck is very thin, and the head is mid-size.

Irish Draught Horse:

They are very exceptional breed and have come in the 1700s. They are very quiet in nature, but speed is too much. For sporting events, they are the best. This breed originated from Connemara pony, and they brought to Ireland. They are very long in size around 15.2 to 16.3 hands.

Buyer Guide

You must know a few things before you buy this type of saddle. Those are discussing below:

Consider the right size

This point you must consider in very first where you must buy the perfect match with the size. Many times pads are made with different styles, so you must select according to your requirements. Some pads are in small lengths; some are short lengths, so you need to choose very carefully.


The saddle pad is available in the market with different qualities. If you are thinking about the best one, then you must select the highest quality with long-lasting material. You must select the material where you can ensure the comfortability of your horse. Normally, the best pads are made with cotton, sheepskin, and fleece.


Consider the style, which fits your horse, There are three types of saddle pad styles like square, half, and shaped. Whichever you feel to use you and idea or you, you need to select that style.

Proper Matching

Consideration of the saddle pad must be matched with the horse’s contours. This is one of the most important points, which you cannot deny. You need to match shapes with an animal’s back.




  1. Is barrel racing a sport?

Yes, this is a sport where the winner gets determined in just thousands of second.

  1. Is barrel racing an Olympic sport?

No, because it must have an international presence, which barrel does not have.

  1. What is a good time for barrel racing?

Anytime you can plan because playing range is only for fifteen seconds to thirty seconds.

  1. Is barrel racing dangerous?

Yes, it is dangerous. Every person cannot handle the pain, which comes from this sport. Experienced persons are perfect for this game.

  1. Are barrel racing barrels plastic or metal?

This is made with plastic where after using them, you can cut it and use them as a water bucket.

  1. Can a gaited horse barrel race?

Yes, you can use gaited horses in speed events where it may take a little more time.


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