What Is A Gaited Horse? What Are The Five Gaits Of A Horse?

What is a gaited horse

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What Is A Gaited Horse?

A gaited horse is a type of horse that can move its every leg individually. These horses can put their one foot on the ground constantly. Thus gaited horses are able to maintain more energy while trotting. Usually, these horses are used for traveling due to their extreme endurance and stamina. However, you can easily identify a gaited horse as these horses move in an odd way. These horses have a four-beat gait. So, when the horse’s every foot falls individually, it follows a precise pattern. Usually, the common movement pattern of a gaited horse includes right hind, right front, left hind, left front, left hind, left front, and right hind. If you see the movements of a gaited horse, you will observe this pattern. Also, if you notice the motions from the side, you will observe that both of the legs move forward constantly, and then the rear foot falls before the front foot always.

What Are The Five Gaits Of A Horse?

If you are familiar with the horse world, you must know there are five natural gaits of a horse. Several horse breeds such as Paint horse, Quarter horse, Appaloosa, etc. perform these five gaits. These five gaits include;


The walk is the four-beat gait where the horse can hit each foot on the ground individually. Right front, left hind, left front, right hind, right front, left hind and left front is the typical pattern of walk gait.


The trot is also known as diagonal gait. In this gait, the horse can lift one hind leg and a front leg at a time. The pattern of this gait involves the right hind and left front. Then left hand and right-front then right hind and left front respectively.


It is a three-beat gait where the horse hits one pair of feet on the ground constantly and the other two feet individually on the land. You may notice the canter either on the right lead or the left lead. If the horse will be on the right lead, then the hoof pattern will constantly be on the left hind, right hind, left front, and then the right front.


This gait involves four beats. It also has a right and left lead just like the canter. The left lead pattern of this gait follows; right hind, left hind, right front, and left front. Left hind, right hind, left front, and right front is the right lead movement pattern of this gait.

Flying pace-

This last gait is only ideal for Icelandic horses. Flying Pace is considered the fastest movement, as in this gate the horse can run up to 48 kilometers per hour. However, not every Icelandic horse can do this gait. So, you may consider those horses the best which can do the Flying pace.

What does it mean when a horse is gaited?

A gaited horse means a type of horse that has the capability of moving differently than the standard horse walk. Some of the famous gaited horses are Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Rocky Mountain Horse, Iceland Horse, etc. A gaited horse is much more efficient than any standard horse. Also, these horses have more stamina than standard horses.

Do gait horses need special saddles and saddle pads?

A gaited horse saddle pad is particularly designed so that it can provide more comfort to the horse’s shoulder. Thus the horse can perform the high-stepping movements comfortably. Still, we suggest a trail saddle will be suitable for gaited horses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Friesians gaited horses?

The Friesian horse breed originated in Friesland and the Netherlands. These horses are graceful in appearance. But these horses are not riding horses actually. You may consider Friesians as carriage horses. This horse breed is famous for its impressive trot action.

Are Morgan horses gaited?

Not all Morgan horse breeds are gaited. Few Morgans are gaited, and they can perform intermediate-speed gaits such as foxtrot, pace, and rack. Gaited Morgans also can perform canter and walk.

Are Rocky Mountain horses gaited?

Rocky Mountain horse comes with the capability of a natural four-beat lateral gait. This four-beat gait produces a cadence of equal rhythm constantly. Also, most Rocky Mountain horses are capable of performing all the gaits, including walk, canter, gallop, and trot.

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